The queen of the high seas has arrived, and she’s making quite a splash–say Shell-o to Yemaya! Whether swimming solo or paddling with your pod, no seaweed sesh is complete without her.

Created in honor of the African water deity, Yemaya, is often depicted as a mermaid and is associated with the moon, water, and feminine mysteries. She embodies what we modern goddesses like to call “girl power!”–or is it pearl power? Hmmm…Either way, she’s a powerful presence, and you and Yemaya were mermaid for each other!

Like the Star of the Sea, our Yemaya arrives resplendent! Contoured in fine ceramic, her textured scales and dipped crackle-glazed finish mirror the ocean itself in a rich ombré of tawny sands, teals, aqua, and seashell white. She comes adorned with a large matching glass bubble bowl, shimmery coral poker, and a hemp-wick ribbon holding her traditional symbol–an African cowrie shell.  Imported from the motherland to give you an authentic experience, the cowrie shell represents Yemaya’s divine protection and feminine energy, carrying the power of the ocean and reminding you that we are all connected to the great source of life–a gift to treasure always. 

It’s time for a deep healing… just add seaweed.

H: 10.5 inches W: 3 inches


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