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Texas's Most Inclusive Cannabis Dispensary
LGBTQ + Bipoc + Women-Owned

In 2000, Jae’s father Larry Graham was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and prostate cancer. As he suffered from unimaginable pain, Jae was able to share cannabis with Larry, creating an eternal and irreplaceable bond between them. 

In 2014, just before Larry’s death, Jae met Francisca, who became a pillar of strength for Jae and Larry during a difficult time. Before Larry passed away in 2015, he asked Jae to share cannabis with everyone she knew, especially the elderly. 
In 2017, Jae and Francis fulfilled Larry’s wish together and opened a cannabis dispensary in Austin TX.
When Jae first began her solitary journey with cannabis, there weren’t many places to look for inspiration. Jae only had one source to follow in her journey — her heart. She understood there were people like her who did not relate or feel comfortable in the cannabis space… so she built MARYJAE®.
MARYJAE® is a safe and inclusive space for all people who enjoy cannabis responsibly. We are LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and women-owned, with an unapologetic and heart-centered approach to cannabis. 
At MARYJAE® we not only take PRIDE in the quality of our products and curated selection, but we also want to elevate your shopping trip to a shopping experience. From our curated product selection to our welcoming atmosphere to our intricately designed display cases, every detail of the MARYJAE® shopping experience is designed with you in mind.
We hand-pick every product in our shop through our own personal research and development. The creators and growers we work with are more than just business partners — they are artists, educators, cultivators, and community builders. 

Cannabis has brought all of us together, and we are here to help you navigate your journey no matter where you are or who you are, judgment-free. We believe you, too, can make a difference in your own community when you tap into your heart.

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